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Send checks to: PO Box 15139, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

Pay to the order of: SLO County Citizens for Good Government, Inc.

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Your donation to SLOCCGG directly supports our mission to bring back fair, responsible, good government to San Luis Obispo County, and to support policies and ordinances that enable good government.
SLOCCGG is a 501(c)(4); donations are generally not tax deductible.
Your Support Matters
Our effort to overturn the Patten map, and restore a fair and balanced political approach to SLO County, hinges on your generous financial support. We appreciate whatever you can contribute – and then, if possible, dig a little deeper.
This is an extensive undertaking, not just because we have engaged expert legal counsel, but also because we have to pay up front for the Board of Supervisors clerk to prepare the public record, a very time consuming and expensive process.
Your financial contribution is critical to our success, and we humbly ask you to consider what you can give to support this important effort to protect and preserve democracy in SLO County.
Our goal right now is to raise more than $400,000.
By joining us with your donation, you are standing up for fairness and justice so that in the coming decade, every vote will count.
We are grateful for your support.
Jim Gardiner, Patricia Gomez, Linda Seifert, Rick TerBorch
Directors, SLO County Citizens for Good Government
SLO County Citizens for Good Government, Inc.
PO Box 15139, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406
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